Case Studies

Below you will find some case studies of individuals who have been housed and assisted by House The Homeless.

CASE A: Samantha, a 17 year old who had been excluded from school, was put on a work experience program, following family difficulties, we helped her to find a room in a family house. She learnt various skills and hopes soon to obtain a full-time job.

CASE B: Deidre moved from her home in London to relatives in Oxford, due to domestic violence. When she eventually had to leave her relatives home, the London Council in  the area she used to live, declared she no longer had a local connection, we agreed to make representations and liaise with a local councillor, to enable her to obtain social housing.

CASE C: Louise had an assured shorthold tenancy at a house in South London, her landlady asked her to vacate it despite the fact she had spent hundreds of pounds decorating it during the several years she had lived there. She was advised about eviction procedure, the need for properly constituted notices to be served, correctly dated and – ultimately – the need for a Court Order. She is still living at the property

CASE D: Thomas, an 18-year-old care leaver, was advised that he was eligible for a higher rate of housing benefit (The 1 bed Local Housing Allowance) despite him being under the age of 35, the usual cut-off point. He was subsequently able to obtain accommodation

CASE E: A local café offered to supply food for homeless people. We are currently negotiating the best way to ensure those in greatest need receive the food offered.